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Finally… there is a “tell-all” Cosmic Economics E-Course that actually shows you how to turn your thoughts… into thousands… and the thousands into millions! Enough of the get-rich-quick materials that lack the proven track record and systems you need to get you going.

Dr. E. Bernard Jordan has done a superb job in compiling timeless truths and exercises that are guaranteed to send you up and over the top. In this Cosmic Economics E-course, Bishop Jordan will elaborate on powerful cosmic principles to success and inner peace which, if mastered and practiced on a daily basis, will guide you to this same level of prosperity that many before you have enjoyed.

Here’s a powerful testimony from “REV RUN” of the
new hit MTV reality show “RUN’S HOUSE.”

“I have been a student of Bishop Jordan’s for some years now. The Cosmic Economics teachings have not only changed my life…but have literally given me a brand new start. I cannot tell you enough about the influence and impact that the exercises have had on me and my family’s lives. Bishop Jordan Cosmic Economics Course has graduated me from the ranks of being a businessman, to me and my family becoming an actual business. This dynamic series is the best kept secret to millions. Bishop E. Bernard Jordan is truly a master.”


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